The injection molding process is capable of rapidly producing large quantities of parts with very high precision. Tolerances of a few thousandths of an inch are routinely achieved. With the right combination of material, part design and mold construction, even sub one thousandth inch tolerances can be achieved for small features. The injection mold is an integral part of this process. The construction of injection molds requires engineering and design, special materials, machinery and highly skilled personnel to manufacture, assemble and test them.

North Texas Plastics will guide you through the mold building process. We can show you how single cavity molds offer the lowest tooling costs, whereas, multi-cavity molds are utilized to increase capacity and lower unit costs.

North Texas Plastics utilizes state of the art design software including Pro-E and Auto Cad. We will assist you in finding the most economical design that will help keep the piece part price down as well as reduce the tooling costs.

Please click on the following for design ideas:

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